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30 June 2021
listening with headphonesAvid Acutus
Benz Micro LP-S
Linn Klimax DS (Renew)
TEAD Mastergroove Mk 2
TEAD Vibe Phoenix / Pulse 2
Luxman P-1u
Sennheiser HD800

I used to know, through hi-fi, a couple of people who were properly into tapes. This is some years ago, before there was a hipster-revival tape scene. I never really understood it.

I picked this up because it was being sold and raved about by Box Bedroom Rebels, and it was only a few quid, so I thought why the heck not, I’ll get my old tape deck from my parents’ house and give it ago. So, here we are.

Soft Drinks do properly old-skool indiepop. Literate, steeped in other pop music. Your nearest lazy reference might be a non-Scottish early-ish Pastels, because they have a pleasing rough-round-the-edges sound.