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12 November 2013
listening through speakersAvid Acutus
Linn Kilmax DS (Renew)
TEAD Mastergroove
TEAD Vibe / Pulse 2
TEAD Linear A
TEAD Model One

Another of the Ghost Box splits. Side A starts off a some lovely 70s library music that might fit a walk through wet English moorland. Then, suddenly, it turns into chase scene music from a schools’ programme of the same era. The kids are being pursued by hoods from the power station they’ve just discovered is dumping waste into the river and killing the fish. Fortunately they escape, and tell a stern but upright Uncle what they’ve found. He informs the correct authorities, and all is well.

Side-b is Belbury Poly, who have the same synths and style, and are performing a piece which doesn’t comfortably fit with any era or genre that I know. It’s toe-tappingly catchy, and sounds great. Much credit to “Christopher Budd on bass guitar”, who drives the whole thing.

A strange, curious gem of a record from a brilliant series.


The tenth, and final, in the Study Series; a sequence of records I’ve enjoyed a great deal. The sleeve art is lovely as usual, and the notes reference Positive Female Role-Model Ada Lovelace and “haunted radio signals”. Jenny Angliss sings with beautiful mystery, the richness of her voice perfectly complementing Flora Dempsey’s light, crisp readings. Side b, with its whirring mechanicals is a technically brilliant piece of sound collage, and uncommonly catchy. A perfect end to a fascinating series of records. I must fill in any gaps in my collection.


It’s only Roj from bloody Broadcast! So, I bear this record an enormous amount of goodwill. It’s got some of the trademark Broadcast tones and textures, but none of the pop sensibility or rhythms that made that band so easily digestible. It sounds very much like the soundtrack to a late-50s British ghost film, which I expect you expected me to say. If I was in an attic, and side one was playing, I’d shit myself. Side two sounds like the middle melodic tracks from Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks being performed by a broken Hoover. Nice.