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26 September 2015
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Linn Klimax DS (Renew)
TEAD Mastergroove
TEAD Vibe 1.5 / Pulse 2
TEAD Linear A
TEAD Model One

Crawled out of bed, feeling like crap, and had my mood lifted at least a little by a padded envelope holding the three latest bulletins in the Polyvinyl singles club.

Orange vinyl first, and as difficult to remove from the sleeve as every other record in this series. Looks also like this was difficult to get in, as whoever did it has completely trashed the paper inner.

On the a-side Mister (I presume) Gardner plays a sweet, mellow guitar, babbling away like a country brook. A little sparingly used electronics add a fairy-take sparkle, and the whole is a too-short, very enjoyable listen.

The b is a completely different affair, with drones, tablas, and far worse fidelity. It’s like one of those hippyish GPS releases I always give a “1” to. I much preferred side a, so I played that again afterwards.

I never know how to grade singles when sides are a 5 and a 1. Do I average? What if it’s a 4 and 1, because then there’s the question of rounding. Or do I ignore the ‘b’ because the ‘a’ is so good? Who’d want my life? It’s terrible. I can’t cope with this level of pressure, and there are still two more records to go.


Up next Mister (definitely) Jonathan Rado, on very, very green vinyl. He’s managed to cram four tracks of slightly of Montrealish character-based frippery onto his disc, and still keep it at an honest 45rpm. I was enjoying it up until Simple Song, which sounds like one of those awful children’s singalong Beatles things. I will never, ever, understand the popularity of The Beatles, not then, and especially not now.


Speaking of people being WRONG, let’s think about the general lack of understanding of the apostrophe, and think how many folk seem to think it’s fine, or even correct to drop one in before the ‘s’ in a word like “dodos”.

This record has a couple of chunks of agreeable enough guitar arpeggiation and singing. Not sure what else to say. Middling.