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18 July 2005
listening through speakersLinn LP12
Linn Ittok LVII
Linn Arkiv
Arcam Delta 170 / Arcam Black Box DAC
TEAD Microgroove Plus
Linn Kairn
Linn LK140 (x3)
Linn Espek

A used 7” by a band I’ve never heard of, bought because it was on Slumberland. (How bad can any label be which releases Lo Boob Oscillator?) Fairly standard girl-singing/buzzsaw guitar/root-note bass type stuff which kind of reminds me of The Fastbacks, Cub, or possibly Tiger Trap. Can’t tell a word she says, bloody love it. Try as I might I can’t ration plays of this, so I’ll probably be sick of it in a week.

10" single

I had this on a tape years ago, and was reminded of it by the Rough Trade indiepop compilation thing. Got hold of a really shoddy MP3, and finally managed to pick a copy of the 10” up off eBay a couple of weeks ago.

If you don’t know someone like Ken Mackenzie, who claims to have won every game of Trivial Pursuit he’s ever played, had a shower with two American girls, and eaten six Mars bars in half an hour, then you must be the person your friends know who is just like him.

The “now then now then” bits always remind me of Jimmy Savile, which is a shame.


Bought, obviously, because it’s by “Bathtub Shitter”, but I like my noise, particularly insane Japanese noise. Disappointingly, this sounds to me like some extreme metal faction, with that stupid deep-voiced screaming you might expect from Carcass, Atrocity, or Lawnmower Deth. Therefore, despite the pretty impressive guitar acrobatics, it just sounds stupid and makes me laugh. I don’t know why I keep buying this kind of nonsense. I’m getting too old.

12" single

I first heard of this from the Alan Zweig documentary Vinyl. All I remember now, perhaps incorrectly, is some camp Canadian record obsessive giving Zweig a tour of his filed-under-exotica section, pulling out this record and gleefully exclaiming “you like the whip?”. Naturally, I had to have it.

Once again eBay came up trumps, and it turns out Sado Maso Disco is an Italian 12” disco single by a band, or person, called Must. The backing singers do indeed inform you that you like the whip, before a scary sounding Italian croaks “you liiiiike it” over the top. More surprising still, it’s a pretty good record, and also a very nice pressing, so it sounds terrific.

And you do like it, don’t you? You toilet.