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11 June 2015
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BEFORE: Latest in the Other Voices series featuring over-priced eBay favourites Pye Corner Audio. We had a lovely pie on Monday. Steak and kidney. My mother-in-law made it. What has happened to steak and kidney? No one makes it any more. It’s all “steak and ale”, or “hand-aged Dexter skirt and Thirsty Ferret IPA” these days. No kidney. People are scared of kidney.

This will sound like something from a 70s schools programme. I betcha.

AFTER: Aw yes! That was brilliant. Two very science-fictioney pieces of music, which are not like soundtracks, but melodic, and catchy as hell. The ‘a’ is particularly good, and I bet Frank Sidebottom would have enjoyed it immensely.


BEFORE: Crikey, more pie. We also had a rhubarb crumble, made with rhubarb from our garden. It was more than a little on the tart side, I don’t mind telling you. The Chinese say that you can eat anything if you cut it into small enough pieces. I’d add to that that you can eat anything if you cover it in enough evaporated milk. This ought to be some kind of shoegazey noise-pop. I rather like these chaps.

AFTER: Yeah, pretty good, but I’d have liked it to be a bit more unhinged. Reminded me of Veruca Salt, though I’m not entirely sure why.


BEFORE: I think I like Jeffrey Lewis, but I might be getting him mixed up with Jenny Lewis, who I definitely like. No, not like that, you perverts. (Okay. Like that too. Happy now?)

AFTER: WWWPRD == What Would Pussy Riot Do? This is a wordy, literate, articulate critique of the bond between music and its corporate sponsors. It’s smart enough not to throw around words like “shill” or “sell-out”, avoiding that kind of negativity to instead focus on art’s ability to shape our world and our culture, gently encouraging those with that power to use it rather than sell it on.

I also like the history of the USSR in song. I bet Neil Tennant already knows all of what is explained, but it’s mostly news to me.


BEFORE: A reissue on Ghost Box, I think. When I think of Other Channels, I think of TLC, or, ITVbe, perpetually showing Dinner Date, Extreme Cheapskates or something about narcissists having more plastic surgery. The Other Channels survive on narcissists. In fact, it seems all television, and most of everything else, survives on narcissists. God, they’re everywhere aren’t they? With their selfies and tattoos and Vines and selfies and opinions and entitlement and more selfies.

AFTER: Wearing its 70s schools programme music credentials on its sleeve, it begins with a 40-year-old sample of an announcement for teachers, before launching into a messed-up tour of that decade’s British film and television music. We get sci-fi, education, public service safety films, futuristic newsreels of fictional factories, Radiophonic offcuts, and the closing credits of a Bond film. We even get something which sounds like a sketch from Blue Jam. (Of course, Stereolab have done that properly, turning that “you’re not a doctor, you’re a wanker” sketch into a full-length song.) A very rich and creative record.