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12 May 2006
listening through speakersLinn LP12
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Linn Arkiv
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For some reason Adam has gone out of his way to sound as much like Skellington era Julian Cope as possible. On the title track he succeeds admirably, but things slip on the ‘b’, with something that sounds not unlike Peggy Sue, and a cover of Cupid, both sung as some kind of cross between Vic Reeves’ club singer and Neil Diamond. Entertaining from the first minute to the last.


This is a racket, so I liked it immediately. Imagine simultaneously listening to two different DAB stations with a 30% signal strength, and you’re not far out. The second time I heard it I listened past the racket, and didn’t like it so much. The ‘b’ is pretty rotten, with the kind of lyrics you write when you’re eighteen. If they are eighteen I forgive them. Their name is either very good or very rubbish.


The ugly truth is that Cassingle’s just not cool enough for records on Skam. It’s clicky and intellectual and not of my world. Fortunately the ‘b’ is practically unlistenable, so I can relate to it.

I heard that to make this kind of music you just press a button on a computer and it does it all for you. This seems like a good way to make a living. There’s some braille on the back of the sleeve, which probably spells out an obscenity.


Now that’s a change of pace. Like a kiss on the back of the neck after having your face rubbed against a brick wall. Perhaps it’s my age, but I prefer this, though it does remind me slightly of the theme tune from The Littlest Hobo, a program I hated as a child.

The song perfectly suits its pretty pink sleeve and perfectly suits my good mood and chocolate on a sunny Friday afternoon with the smell of the lawn wafting in through the window.


Reminds me a bit of Hunky Dory era David Bowie, Ben Lee, and stuff they played on the radio when I was four or five. Since it has a harpsichord in it it also reminds me of Henry the Eighth, though to be fair, I don’t have a lot of his stuff and I never saw him live.

The ‘b’ is a Felt-style piano instrumental, and, since I’m full of “sounds like”s today, sounds like the music from the end of a BBC2 play where someone’s baby is disabled, then dies.