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17 June 2006
listening through speakersLinn LP12
Linn Ittok LVII
Linn Arkiv
TAG McLaren CDT20R / Chord DAC64
TEAD Microgroove Plus
Linn Kairn
Linn LK140 (x3)
Linn Espek

Today has been too hot. I bought some glasses, which reminded me of my mortality and decaying body etc etc. Now it’s evening and I am crushed by Sunday tea-time melancholy. Tomorrow I have to go to work, and I feel like I did when I was eight years old. Last of the Summer Wine is on telly, or Open All Hours, and I have to have my hair washed and go to bed. The weekend might as well not have happened given how long it seems to have been.

I don’t know what to say about this. It’s just indie. Nothing else. Really, I’d love to be able to give you an exciting summary, something to fan the flames of your musical passion, or cut dead a bunch of hopeless chancers with the kind of wit and savagery of which they could not dream, but I can’t. On pink vinyl.


I have a mini-LP by these, but I’ve never played it. Given past experiences with Dälek and Dalek Beach Party, this doesn’t sound how I expected. It’s slow, acoustic, and very English. Banjo, acoustic guitar, some kind of string instrument. Suits my mood perfectly, and I’ll definitely try to listen to that LP thing soon. Daleks created by Terry Nation.

12" album

Lovely Jonny Trunk gives us a bunch of impossibly obscure English folk music. Despite indiscriminately gobbling up aspects other nations’ cultures, however unsuitable they may be for us, English people are afraid of their own heritage. Anything old English is dismissed as stupid (like Morris) or scary “Ooh it’s all a bit Wicker Man”). Be cool. Embrace what you are.

This is a compilation of gentle innocence. Ostensibly much of it was written for children. Currently we seem to try to prolong the more undesirable aspects of childhood, like irresponsibility, illiteracy and selfishly wanting everything we see advertised - NOW! , whilst children rush to rid themselves of fun, innocence and using their imaginations.

If you’re a grown man (or woman) don’t behave like a selfish child, but remind yourself of simpler times (before the horrors of school) by listening to this with someone you care about. If you listen to it on your own, it might make you feel sad.


More folkish acousticity, in blinding contrast to that absolutely mental Right Said Fred cover that was the last record in the Tomlab Alphabet series. Not a million miles away from Jesus Licks or some of the Fuzzy Felt stuff. Nice, and I particularly like the singer.


This is, guess what! - quite acoustic. It’s also the best thing so far. Upbeat, catchy, inventive, but simple. Like a mad painting done with three colours, The ‘b’ is just as good, with a seasidey organ and enough sad introspection to float a battleship. Of course, it’s pointless me telling you all this because, as it’s on Transgressive, all the copies will have been bought by people who want to sell them on eBay and charge you four quid for postage.


Pretty much our first sightings of a crash cymbal and an electric guitar. Yellow vinyl which plays at an annoying 33rpm. I prefer this to the other thing of theirs I’ve heard. It sounds quite fresh and fun, and I quite like the sleeve art. As previously stated, I am a great admirer of their name, though it doesn’t especially suit them.


Everything reviewed tonight is probably better than I make it sound. I’m in a funny mood. Sorry if I said your band wasn’t that good when really you’re great. I’ll try and buy everyone’s next single too, just in case I’ve made a bad call.