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16 April 2015
listening with headphonesAvid Acutus
Linn Klimax DS (Renew)
TEAD Mastergroove
TEAD Vibe 1.5 / Pulse 2
Lehmann Black Cube Linear
Sennheiser HD800

When I think of New Orleans I think of ‘French Quarter Faggot’ (look it up) Quintron. Here he and Miss P do a three-artist, two-side, two-song, two-colour seven inch of the other famous New Orleans thing, Mardi Gras. It’s very light on organ, though there’s a drum buddy so we don’t feel entirely lost. But, other than that and Miss P’s, er, “distinctive” vocal stylings, you wouldn’t know it was a Quintron record. Perhaps it isn’t. Perhaps everyone played on both sides. One is a pretty loose new-wavey type affair, the other sounds like a slowed down version of some-time GSL labelmates The Locust.


Look at the band name. You now know exactly what this sounds like. Banjo, fiddle, washboard, raspy voice. Properly infectious, particularly the trad arr tune on side B.

12" single

Remaining on GPS (where we will stay for the rest of the night), this creepy-sleeved (featuring a skellington most similar to one on the insert of the Quintron single from earlier) also sounds largely as its title suggests. It’s also got elements of John Carpenter soundtrack about it, and everyone likes a John Carpenter soundtrack, right? They don’t mean ‘chill’ like David Cameron chillaxing, they mean ‘chill’ like down your back when you think about David Cameron chillaxing. After 15-20 minutes of this, with its one chord and kick-drum heartbeat, I feel slightly creeped out and tense. But, as I’m always tense, you can probably ignore that. The b-side continues where the a- left off, which is a bit like waking up from a, perhaps not bad, but disturbing dream, going back to sleep, and it continuing.

An interesting, pretty good record, but not the sort of thing you’re going to pop on while you do the washing up.

12" single

I’ll be honest, I have a slightly bad feeling about this one. The sleeve, the song titles, the song lengths, all suggest it might be some kind of reverb-soaked, monged-out dronefest that stretches your patience within the first couple of minutes. Nice vinyl though, in a semi-translucent deep green. Kind of if mushy peas could be turned into a gemstone. Let’s see how it goes.

Ha! Shows what I know. Aureliua, apart from being a great way to dump vowels in Scrabble (not really: I checked and it’s not in SOWPODS) is a pretty good song. A building, sparse, increasingly glitchy semi-rhythmic synth drone. A bit like a massively over-intellectualised introduction to I Feel Love, or a less distressing take on what Umberto just did. Cool beans.

Closer isn’t some dreadful rubbish by Joy Division (most overrated band ever, fact fans), but eight minutes of classy, catchy, retro-tinged electronic repetition. A tension between smooth gliding minor chords and constant, distorted rhythm. (A great word with no vowels.) Final track, Light Falling is frenetic, shuddering and disorienting. Strobes, gunfire, that scene in Fire Walk With Me where you can’t hear what anyone says, but way, way faster.

Well, that was better than I expected.