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8 February 2006
listening through speakersLinn LP12
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Linn Arkiv
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Linn Espek

Yellow vinyl banana split themed, er, split, on Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation. Aren’t we just the centre of the music universe right now? A famous band and a decent label - take that, London! In common with most of the SPC stuff, this is a bit off-centre, fun and exciting. Unlike, perhaps, Chuck and Charles Cullen, neither of the bands here try too hard to be different, and it works a whole lot better. Good split. I prefer Scarlet Tuesday I think.


This is remarkably unremarkable. I think they’re aiming for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but the arrow didn’t even reach the wall the target was on. And Malice in Wonderland is an appalling title for a song, though the track itself is much better than the a-side.


The sticker on the front says “With TEENAGE FANCLUB and BMX BANDITS members” so strap yourself in kids, this could get crazy! Hmmmm, it’s a bit more upbeat than I expected. Hang on, wrong speed. That’s better. It’s a 33rpm. Doesn’t sound very Teenage Fanclubby. Ah, it features someone who once played the keyboards for them. Right. It’s not bad I suppose, but I can’t think of a great deal to say about it. There’s an insert which explains what Music and Movement was, but misses the excruciating embarrassment of being “snow” in front of twenty of your peers, in your pants.


The Cribs were recommended to me on the train on the way home from Half Man Half Biscuit, so I picked this up, and I think it’s new out. It’s easily the best thing we’ve heard so far today, with good tunes and plenty of heart. Really good pop music, and the world’s a bit short of that at the moment


Still going, still boring. I don’t know why I bought this, because I’ve never liked them. If you do, it’s probably great. The b-side’s nice though. Yes, the b-side’s good.