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6 March 2006
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Elefant has a knack for getting twee hairclip bands to give them a cracking song, which then gets put out on cheerful coloured vinyl. This one is bright red.

I like both the Sing-Sing singles, hang on, let me rephrase that, I haven’t disliked a single Sing-Sing single or song I’ve heard so far. Emma’s song is the best, easy, though the b-side has some good lines and the right sentiment.


I’ll start off with the fact everyone probably expects me to start with, and which everyone with a sufficiently obscure interest in music to find this page will already know.

In early 2001 I Am the World Trade Center released an LP on which track 11, yeah?, was called September. Oh my God, like, you get it, right?

This, for the slow of thinking, is what is called a CO-IN-CI-DENCE. That means that, in a world where six billion people spend sixteen hours each day doing things, sometimes two or more things happen, quite independently of one another, that could appear connected but aren’t.

The band changed their name briefly in late 2001, dropping the “Trade Center” in a New York City Cops style overreaction.

They make cool bedroom electronic pop, which in this instance is a bit beefier and stompier than normal, (neighbours must have been out) and is all the better for it. My favourite thing they’ve done is the Meadowport Arch remix on that Kindercore compilation thing. The Phofo song sounds like a sort of weird mash of Richard Prior, Light My Fire, a Bond theme, and Remember Me by the Blueboy that didn’t used to be on Sarah.


I’ve always been skeptical of 99p singles. They’re 99p for a reason, right? Because if they weren’t, no one would buy them. Accordingly, I’ve got a lot of time for the £5.95 seven inch single. It’s six quid for a reason, yes? And that reason can only be because, for some reason, it’s brilliant. This rule of thumb is fairly accurate, so, brace yourself Rodney, because this little bastard cost EIGHT QUID. Yes, eight quid, brand new.

It’s a lathe cut picture disc, courtesy, naturally, of Peter King in New Zealand. I’ve got plenty of his work, and, much as I love them as objects, the music’s never up to much. This rather fits the pattern. It’s a beautiful thing. colourful psych kaleidoscope sandwiched between two of your standard lathe cut discs. The music is okay. Very monged-out, not quite droney, not boring, but not the best example of the genre I’ve heard. Not bad though, and I may be playing it at the wrong speed. It’s limited to a hundred copies (I think I have something somewhere that’s number 3 of 12) but I always wonder, how many records does a band like this normally sell? I’ve never heard of them, and they’re right up my alley.

On second listen, I really quite like this, and I’ve got a lot of time for people who go the extra mile on packaging their music.