singles by choice
(albums when it's necessary)

I like to write, and here I write about records I buy. Not all the records I buy, generally just the singles, and generally generally just the king of formats, the 7" single.

I like (mostly noisy) pop music, weird-and-wanky experimental stuff, and making obscure references which I could, but don't, elucidate with hyperlinks. I dislike the Internet, and progress in general. This is web 1.0 at best. Hopefully nought-point-something. I don't expect anyone to read anything I write. There are no pictures. There is no right to reply. My server goes out of its way to record no trace of your ever having been here. There is a little bit of Javascript, for which I apologize.

Everything "reviewed" here gets an integer score from zero to five inclusive. These are meaningless, and subject to my whims and mood. No music is objectively better than any other.